The Bible was written for us, but it wasn’t written to us. Now someone may not immediately care for that statement so allow me to explain. The book of Ephesians was written to the Churches in Ephesus sometime in the mid first century. Paul, having intimate knowledge of the Ephesian Churches, sat down and wrote a letter to the people that he knew and loved. (To be completely honest Paul dictated the letter to an Amanuenses - fancy word for assistant).  He spoke of things pertaining to their own experience according to his personal knowledge of their lives and affairs.

So the book of Ephesians was written by the Apostle Paul to real people who were living roughly 30 years after the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. Therefore, I cannot say that the book of Ephesians was written to me, David King. However, I CAN say, that God in His love for me has preserved this letter that the Apostle Paul penned under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost FOR me. What it says to the Ephesian Christians it also says to me as an individual.

Now the real fun of reading the Bible (if fun is the right word…perhaps thrill would be better) comes when you take the letter that Paul wrote to the Ephesians and receive it into your Spirit as the word that God is speaking to you. After this post, I am going to post the book of Ephesians the way I read it FOR me (and also for you). What I hope this does is show you that reading the Bible is the best thing in the world. Nothing can bring joy, pleasure, excitement, and every other good thing like reading the Bible in the first person can and will do for you as it does for me.

Take the time to go through the Bible and bring it into the first person. Apply the Bible to your own situations! God is speaking to you and you can hear from Him. The Bible says that these “exceeding great and precious promises” have the ability to make us “partakers of the Divine Nature.” So taste and see how good the Lord is.

By the way, let me say briefly, there is a passage of scripture that everyone reads in the first person and therefore everyone loves and cherishes. It is the 23 Psalm. Notice it doesn’t say, “The Lord is a shepherd. Those who follow Him shall not want.” No it says “The Lord is MY Shepherd. I shall not want.” I believe that’s why we are so crazy about that passage. I mean seriously, we don’t know anything about sheep, more than likely we have never even met a Shepherd, but we are in love with a Psalm written from the perspective of a Shepherd! It’s not the shepherd’s perspective that excites us. It’s the first person perspective that excites us. You can do that with all Scripture! It may not have been written originally to you but it has been preserved for you and it applies to you today just as much as it ever has applied to anyone at any time.