Colossians 3:3 “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

The Bible tells us that our “life is hid with Christ in God.” This wonderful truth means that we are covered and concealed by the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, for those who have put their trust in Jesus, when God looks at us He must see us through the work of Jesus.

The Bible teaches that on the Cross Jesus took the penalty for sin. Having paid the full penalty for it, He cried out “It is finished,” or “It is paid in full.” Then He died and was buried. Three days later He came back to life. Paul says at the end of Romans 4 that Jesus was “delivered for our offences and raised for our justification.” At the Cross, Jesus took our offences. At the Resurrection, God gave us the receipt and guarantee that He accepted that payment that Jesus made on our behalf.

Forty days later, Jesus was received up into heaven as his disciples watched. He went up to His Father’s presence and sat down at His right hand. Now the Bible teaches that in the presence of God Jesus acts as our representative. He represents God to us and us to God. If we want to come to God the Father, we must come through Jesus, God the Son. If God the Father wants to deal with us, He must deal with us through Jesus, God the Son. This is an amazing truth.

Having Jesus as our representative gives us certainty. We can know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are saved because Jesus represents us to God. If we know that God the Father accepts God the Son, and the Resurrection guarantees that, then we know God accepts us.  We don’t have to hope that we are saved, we can know that we are saved because our “life is hid with Christ in God.”

Having Jesus as our representatives gives us confidence. Knowing that our “life is hid with Christ in God,” we can “come boldly to the throne of Grace to receive help in time of need.” It is an amazing thing to pray in Jesus’ name. Praying in Jesus name is not just about saying the words “in Jesus’ name,” at the end of our prayers. Praying in Jesus’ name is when we come into the presence of God through the work of Jesus Christ. This gives us confidence because we know that our standing with God is not based on what we do but on what Jesus has done for us.

Having Jesus as our representative gives us stability. Because our “life is hid with Christ in God,” we can know that our lives are not randomly unfolding nor are they tragically falling apart. God is working all things together for our good. If we know that God the Father loves Jesus then we know that God loves us. If God the Father protects and provides for Jesus then we can be sure God will protect and provide for us.

I pray that today you will claim this to be true for you and begin to live in the light of this glorious reality. I pray your life will be filled with certainty, confidence, and stability through the relationship you have with God through Jesus Christ. All those who come to Jesus, all those who trust in Him, are guaranteed salvation. “Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” By faith in Jesus our sins are placed upon Him and His righteousness is placed upon us. Our “life is hid with Christ.” He covers us. Now God relates to us as He relates to Jesus. This is eternal life.